"Thank you for your help at the Open House last Friday. It was nice to meet you face to face and to see your facility.

I have always dreamed of owning a guitar store but there never were finances or opportunity. January last year my job situation changed opening up a small bit of spare time. Granted the money was still not there but I thought I'd give it a try. I sold a couple of my personal instruments to help pave the way. When I found MIRC things got a bit easier. I started off scraping money together to buy minimum orders of $500. As those sold I would use the proceeds to order more guitars. Both Jason and you have been very patient with me and helpful in putting together great orders. And so far it has been a great ride. Now less than a year later, I have been placing orders over $2000 and doing this more frequently and hope to see this increase a more here in the future. This progress has really given hope that soon I will be able to make this my day job."

• The nations largest wholesaler of quality

• Choose from over 10,000 fully reconditioned, brand name instruments.

Wholesale Only - to Music Stores, Pawn Shops, E-Tailers, etc. We do not sell to distributors or consumers.

• Sold to U.S. & Canadian Dealers Only.

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MIRC does not list its products on Internet auction sites, either domestic or international.


• MIRC (Musical Instrument Reclamation Corporation) WAS FOUNDED IN 1993.  We are a privately held corporation. Our owners have been blessed with over 45 successful years in the retail and wholesale music business.

• For samples of repairs and finishes from our restoration shop please visit our restoration gallery.

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